20 Photos to Inspire you to visit Egypt

For as long as I could remember, visiting Egypt was on my bucket-list, and this year, I was fortunate enough to FINALLY go. It was a truly life changing experience for me and was everything I’d hoped it would be. I quite literally took thousands of photos while I was in Egypt, and while it was hard to narrow it down to just 20, here are my favourite 20 photos from Egypt.  Read More

The Journey Begins

An image of the cost of Tasmania

Hi there!

My name is Emma and I’m a high school teacher. I love my job, but I have a little secret…

…I’m bored.

Over the past few years I have found myself  falling into a slump where I do the same things day in, day out and I hate it. I’m feeling under challenged and under stimulated, so one night over a glass of wine I started creating a bucket list of things I want to do and see and experience in life and… Read More