Szechenyi Baths: What to Expect

Szechenyi Baths: What to Expect

We’ve all see the pictures of the Szechenyi Baths. You know, the ones of the glorious, bright yellow buildings surrounding the crystal blue outdoor baths. No lie, when I found out that these baths were located in Budapest I was beyond excited since they just look so amazing. Throughout the 36 hour travel to get to Budapest I continually fantasized about visiting these baths, submerging myself in the lukewarm waters and relaxing the day away. What wasn’t included in my fantasy was the murky water of the indoor baths, the hundreds of people who had the same idea as me and the hair. The goddamned hair.

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Life Lesson: Don’t Attend a Sex Show with Your Brother

Chasing Emma title: Don't go to a sex show with your brother

Amsterdam. The city of bicycles, tourist debauchery and tall, skinny buildings. I confess that when I went to Amsterdam I expected to see sex, drugs and maybe some rock ‘n’ roll. What I wasn’t expecting was to have my eyeballs seared out of my brain. What I wasn’t expecting was to be witness to a sex show. A sex show where my brother became the presenter’s favourite crowd participant.

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Should You Join a Group Trip? Pros and Cons

So, the wanderlust bug has bit you and you’re itching to get yourself overseas, but do you go solo or join a group trip?

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Budapest Bucket List in 48 Hours

Budapest in 48 Hours on Chasing Emma

On my recent tour though Europe, I was lucky to spend 48 hours exploring the city of Budapest, Hungary. One of the reasons why I picked this tour was because it started in Budapest, and the idea of spending a couple of days in the city excited me to no end.

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Best Things to Do in the Red Centre

Sunset at ANZAC Hill in Alice Springs

So, you’re coming to Central Australia to explore the Red Centre. You know that you are definitely going to see Uluru, but you’re not sure about what else there is to do. That’s okay, because I’ve grown up in Alice Springs and I can point you towards some of the best things to do in this region.

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Bucket List: Star Gazing

A large domed tent lit up from the inside with circles cut into the panels enabling those inside to view the outside sky.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a the four day long weekend over Easter work free this year, and decided to try and make good use of the time off. I was supposed to go camping with friends, but our loose plans fell a part. What I had been looking forward to the most in camping over Easter was the chance to be outdoors, uninhibited by modern life. So when camping plans go out the window over a long weekend what do you do instead? You go star gazing.

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Bucket List: Explore Red Bank Gorge

The red rocks of the West MacDonnell Ranges during the hike to Red Bank Gorge

In Easter Friday, one of my girl friends asked if I felt like having a look at some of the Larapinta Trail heads to determine if we could access them without a 4WD. Naturally I said yes, and off we went.

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Starting a New Hobby: Water Colour Painting

The entrance to Simpson's Gap, Alice Springs from the car park.

I could feel the itch under my skin; the need to be colourful, peaceful but loud, and outdoors. This is not a new feeling, and is one I’ve felt often over the past four years. I’m a high school teacher so I am blessed with some opportunities to release this creativity through assessment and resource creation and lesson planning, but it doesn’t always feel like enough.

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2019 Parrtjima: A Festival of Light

It’s that time of the year again where the heart of Australia comes to life with festivals and creativity. One of my all-time favourite festivals, Parrtjima: A Festival of Light, has once again lit up the Red Centre with spectacular lights and colours, and this year the theme was Language Expressions.

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Bucket List: Play 5 New Board Games

Stack of board games on Chasing Emma

When you think of board games, what comes to your mind? Twelve months ago I would have immediately thought of Monopoly, The Game of Life and Uno (not a traditional board game, but it comes to mind anyway). This list would have been followed by a groan of despair as I reminisced about growing bored three turns into a game of monopoly, or the fights that would erupt amongst my family whenever we tried to play Jenga.

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