Drum roll please…

Here it is, my bucket list. This is a continuously evolving list, and as I see and experience new things I’m sure more will be added. As I check more and more items off my list I will link them to my blog posts on them. 

Adventure bucket list ideas

1. Learn to SCUBA dive

2. ✓ Go zip lining

3. ✓ Sky dive

4. Sleep in a tree house

5. ✓ Party up in an ice bar

6. ✓ Stand-up paddle board

7. ✓ Sail a boat

8. Learn to ski

9. See snow

10. Visit an art museum

11. ✓ Go on a ghost hunt

12. Skinny dip

13. Camp on a beach

14. Take surf lessons

15. Get a tattoo

16. ✓ Ride in a hot air balloon

17. ✓ Go zorbing

18. Travel via air boat

19. Explore a cave

20. ✓ Climb a volcano

21. Jump off a waterfall

22. Ride a motorbike

23. Try archery

24. Go mountain biking

25. Learn to ski

26. Take a scenic helicopter ride

Fitness & Wellbeing bucket list ideas

27. Be happy with my body

28. Go without any social media for a week

29. ✓ Spend a day at a spa

30. Share something at an open mic night

31. Make an important decisions with a coin toss

32. Complete a triathlon

33. ✓ Complete a yoga course or retreat

34. Run a 5k race

35. Bike to a destination at least 10km away

36. Take a self-defense class

37. Attend a live sporting event/game

38. ✓ Climb a rock wall

39. Do yoga 5 days a week for a month

40. ✓ Hold a plank for 90 secs

Finance and luxury bucket list ideas

41. Create a passive income

42. Own property

43. Buy shares

44. Blow a lot of money gambling

45. Flip a house

46. Renovate a granny flat

47. ✓ Have 3 months in savings

48. ✓ Hire a house cleaner

49. Stay in a 5 star hotel

50. Make a will

51. Own investment property

52. Design a room I love

53. Attend high tea

54. ✓ Haggle at a market

Animals & nature bucket list ideas

55. ✓ Do the Cage of Death

56. See the big 5 on safari

57. See a gorilla in the wild

58. ✓ Swim with dolphins

59. Swim with turtles

60. ✓ Ride a camel

61. Learn to ride a horse

62. Dive with a shark

63. Hold a spider (!!!)

64. Swim with something big

65. Swim with sea lions

66. Catch a fish

67. Witness a solar eclipse

68. Complete every hike in a national park

69. Dog sled

70. Go whale watching

Career and skills bucket list ideas

71. Take a photography class

72. Teach overseas

73. Gain my TESOL qualifications

74. Complete a second degree

75. Find a career I love

Food and Beverage bucket list ideas on Chasing Emma

76. Grow food, cook it and eat it

77. Become a vegetarian

78. Make and decorate a cake for someone special

79. Attend a cooking class

80. Try eating snails

81.Go wine tasting

82. Bake a loaf of bread

83. Host a Christmas lunch or dinner

84. Cook every dish in a cookbook

85. Drink expensive champagne

86. ✓ Drink from a fresh coconut

87. Oyster hunting

88. Eat crocodile

Social bucket list ideas

89. Attend a midnight premier

90. ✓ Volunteer at an animal shelter

91.Write a letter to my future self

92. Join a group

93. Dance in the rain

94. Watch a sunrise and sunset in one day

95. Sew something I can wear

96. ✓ Play 5 different board games

97. Get a psychic reading

98. Have a collection

99. Attend a burlesque show

100. Visit a nude beach and bare all

101. ✓ Become an organ donor

102. Learn to play a song on an instrument

103. Learn AUSLAN (sign language)

104. Take an outdoor shower

105. Read 1 book per month for a year

106. Face my biggest fear

107. Attend a Gay Pride event

108. See a musical live

109. ✓ Attend a ball

110. Go stargazing

111. Name a star

112. Participate in a charity fundraiser

113. Volunteer at a Christmas gift wrapping station

Fashion & Beauty bucket list ideas

114. Pose nude for art

115. Buy all of my clothes for a year from op shops

116. Wear sexy lingerie

117. ✓ Henna tattoo

118. ✓ Get a manicure

119. Get a spray tan

120. Buy a matching bra and panty set

121. Wear fake eyelashes

122.Get a fish pedicure

Australian specific bucket list ideas

123. Visit the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

124. ✓ Explore Kings Canyon, Australia

125. Explore Tasmania, Australia

126.Swim in Litchfield National Park, Australia

127.See Uluru, Australia

129.Complete the entire Larapinta Trail

128. Be a tourist in my own town

130.Climb Mt Gillen

131. Complete the Jatbula Trail

133. Visit Palm Valley

132.See a sunset at Rainbow Valley

General travel bucket list ideas Chasing Emma

134. See a glacier up close before they all melt

135. Explore Easter Island

136. Explore Germany

137. Have a white Christmas

138. Explore Turkey

139. Visit Egypt

140. Travel through India

141. Take a solo trip overseas

142. Solo camping

143. Go on a road trip

144. Travel through Cuba

145. Visit 100 UNESCO sites

146. Release a floating lantern

147. Fly first class

148. ✓ Go on a cruise

149. Participate in an archaeological dig

150. ✓ Holiday with a family member

151. Be in two places at once

152.Visit a temple

153. See the Northern Lights

154. ✓ Take a tour through Europe

155. Shop at the European Christmas Markets

156. Visit the Amazon Rain Forest

157. Float in the Dead Sea

1538. ✓ New Zealand – North and South Islands

Location Specific bucket list ideas on Chasing Emma

159. Hike the Inca Trail, Peru

160. Set foot on Antarctica

161. See the Grand Canyon, USA

162. Visit a Nazi Concentration Camp

163. Walk along the Great Wall of China, China

164. Explore the Lost City of Petra, Jordan

165. See the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

166. Tour Mayan Ruins, Central America

167. Tour the Colosseum, Rome

168. See the Taj Mahal, India

169. Explore Yellow Stone National Park, USA

170. Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Japan

171. Bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge, USA

172. Swim in Jellyfish lake, Palau

173. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

174. Chichen Itza, Mexico

175. Swim in a cenote, Mexico

176. Ride in a gondola, Venice

Fun bucket list ideas

177. Finish a ‘Wreck This Journal’

178. Interview another bucket list chaser for my blog

179. ✓ Dye my hair a crazy colour – pink!

180. Learn to pole dance

181. Learn to belly dance

182. Destroy stuff in a break room

183. Take up a hobby

184. Attend an art class

185. Get personalized stationary

186. Make a calendar with my own photos

187. Make a shadow box display

188. Make origami

189. Attend a murder mystery dinner

190. Make a snowman

191. Go to the movies by myself

192. Attend a cabaret

193. Pose for a caricature

194. Visit a theme park

195. ✓ Be in a TV commercial – If I can ever find the link I’ll include it!

196. Have a professional photoshoot

197. Learn to juggle

198. Keep a poetry journal

199. Ride in a limousine

200. For 1 week, learn and use a new word everyday

201. Watch a meteor shower

202. Go geocaching

203. Learn to recite the alphabet backwards

204. Ride a mechanical bull

205. Do a colour run

206. Visit a water park

207.Complete an escape room

One Comment on “Bucket-List

  1. You should add this to your list:

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    At the same time, you could visit the world’s biggest snow castle. 🙂

    Have a good day!


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