My Super Seven Photos

I was recently scouring the internet reading various travel and lifestyle blogs when I stumbled across the Super 7 Tag. This was a tag back in 2011/2012 (you can see I went DEEP into the archives on some blogs), and basically all that is required is finding a photo that fits each category. I felt particularly inspired as I read these posts because I could clearly see the photos in my head that I would have chosen had I been blogging at the time of this tag. I decided that since time is not linear, why not do my own (late, late, LATE) response to this tag?

1. A photo that takes my breath away
Rainbow Valley at sunrise

I remember taking this photo so clearly. We’d camped out at Rainbow Valley and enjoyed a wine and cheese filled evening before retiring to our tents. The next morning I rolled (literally) out of my swag to this absolutely STUNNING view. Due to the cloud cover the evening before I’d missed seeing the monolith become a ‘rainbow’ (the even which gives it it’s name), so this sunrise view was a breath-taking treat.

2. A photo that makes me laugh

A always giggle whenever I see this photo. It really is amazing the things you will find when you don’t restrict yourself to any ‘travel to do lists’ and just have fun.

3. A photo that makes me dream

Sitting on the beach in a beanbag, sipping a cocktail, watching the clouds glide across the sky. I getup from my seat and dip my toes into the refreshing water. I am in paradise. A second adventure to South East Asia is definetly on the cards for when travel is a thing again. Until then, I’ll just day dream.

4. A photo that makes me think

This photo brings up so many emotions for me. On a surface level it makes me think about the delicate balance our environment must maintain in order to support life. On a deeper and more personal level, this was one of the last photos I took before the hot air balloon I was in had a crash landing that resulted in serious injury for many on board, and the death of one of the passengers. Following this accident I experienced PTSD, but I also learned to be very grateful for my life.

5. A photo that makes my mouth water

This was honestly the hardest photo for me to pick because I don’t generally tend to take photos of food. I can’t say this is the best meal that I’ve ever had in terms of flavour, but in terms of the experience – sitting with my friend on the beach, giggling as the result of too many cocktails – it was pretty damn great.

6. A photo that tells a story
Chasing Emma at the Trephina Gorge Ridgetop Walk Lookout

For me, this photo tells a story of recovery. Recovery from burn out, recovery from feeling trapped in a job I both loved and hated. If you have been reading my blog for a while you would know that last year I quit my job and spent one glorious month camping and hiking with my girlfriends, connecting with nature and myself.

7. A photo that I am proud of

How I managed to capture this photo I cannot tell you, but in some ways I’m not surprised. Cradle Mountain is a truely magical place, especially in the winter. We drove hours through twisty-turney roads to arrive at this destination only to get rained out of completing the Dove Lake walk. I didn’t matter though, I loved every minute of my time at Cradle mountain.

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