Round Up: January and February 2021

Hey everybody! It’s been a minute since I last did one of these round up posts. In fact, I completely skipped January for no other reason than pure laziness. For that reason I’ve decided to combine January and February this time around and get myself back on track posting to this site.

What I’ve Done

January started quite slowly before picking up pace in the last few weeks. Thanks to ‘rona I was unable to do what I usually do with the gift of school holidays which is to go on an epic holiday so I ended up staying home. I was all good with this until boredom struck. And when it, it was ferocious. I pushed through it for a couple of weeks before taking my partner up on his advice to get out of Alice for a week and go to Adelaide to see my family. I didn’t get up too much outside of spending time with my Aunty, but I did go on a Ferris Wheel and got a terrible sunburn.

I returned home at 1pm on Saturday 16th January, only to step off curb less than 2 hours later and fracture my ankle!

Luckily it wasn’t a major fracture, really I just chipped a bit of bone off, but it meant I was confined to a wheelchair and crutches for almost two weeks…just as my partner had to leave to work elsewhere for a while.

School started back up at the beginning of February and I’ve had a whirlwind month trying to work out where I fit in my new position and how I can make it work. I can’t say after 4 weeks of work that running the Polly Farmer Follow the Dream Program is my cup of tea, but I’m prepared to see it out and be open to whatever experiences I can get from it.


  • Visiting my aunty in Adelaide and spending time with my grandparents.
  • Getting back to work – schools are terribly lonely without students!
  • I discovered a new waterhole – Wiggles. It was an extra bonus since it had water in it!
  • Purchasing a Roomba! This was a life saver while I was stuck on the coach RICE-ing my ankle while Baxter’s fur began to build up causing me to have the WORST hay fever. You know the type right? The one where not even antihistamines work.


  • Obviously fracturing my ankle was not great.
  • Having to get used to living alone when I am used to sharing the home maintenance burden with someone else.
  • I found out that one of my best friends and favourite adventure buddy is moving away in mid-April. I don’t think I can write about this just yet.

Photo of the Month

This is my Grandma and Grandpa. It was such a treat to see them again. Last time I was in Adelaide I couldn’t see them because I’d started developing a sore throat which turned out to be the result of spending too much time yelling and laughing in an arcade, but better safe than sorry!

I also bought my Grandma one of those expanding balls to help her remember to breathe when she starts to have panic attacks. Apparently, she’s still using it!

Quote of the Month

“Emma, get over it.”

One of my friends said this when I started to downward spiral after fracturing my ankle. It was rough but valuable advice and reminded me that (a) there are worse things in life, and (2) I can survive this.

My Favourite Things

Bridgerton – I didn’t think the Netflix series was really that great but I enjoyed watching it anyway. I even read a couple of the books which were honestly a bit hit and miss.

Book club – my friend and I started our own special book club where we get together to talk about the NSFW books that we’ve been reading. It’s the first real ‘book club’ I’ve ever been part of and I’m really enjoying being able to intellectually discuss what I’ve read with someone else.

Stardew Valley update on the Switch – I’ve been waiting for this for ages! And despite one glitch on the island, it’s been the best.

Audible – I’ve had a subscription with Audible for a while, but thought I should add it to the list since I’ve been using it pretty relentlessly lately.

Health & Fitness

When I returned from Adelaide I felt refreshed and recharged to start exercising seriously at a gym again but had to put these goals on hold while I recovered. Now that I can start exercising for real again, I’m feeling pretty uninspired. I’ve set a goal to help me get back on track for the remainder of the month of March.  I’ve started using the Fit On  app to help me do this and did my first barre class this morning.

Goals for Next Month

  1. Exercise using the Fit on app 3 times a week.
  2. To enrol Baxter in doggy day care (for his sanity and mine!)
  3. To keep a gratitude jar on my desk at work and add to it when I start feeling stressed or frustrated.

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