Wandering at Wiggles Waterhole

As mentioned in some of my previous posts, the Red Centre has recently received a lot of much needed rain, and as a result many of the surrounding waterholes that are usually dirt dry are full. One of the little known waterholes in Alice is called Wiggles Waterhole. Unlike many of the other waterholes, this one is only located about 20 minutes out of town.

To reach the gorge you have to follow a dirt track. Most of the track is ok but there are a few sections that are a bit rocky so 4WD is necessary. We drove in around 4pm and picnicked on a dry section of the river bed. To be entirely honest, the water wasn’t very appealing because it was pretty muddy, but up in the gorge which was much more rocky the water was much nicer.

I went exploring in the small gorge by myself and had fun playing with my selfie stick. On one end of the gorge is a concrete dam which was most likely built when the telegraph station was settled. As I scrambled over rocks and tried to avoid falling into tadpole infested water I started getting a strange feeling the closer I got to the dam. Having learnt to trust my instincts I decided it was time to return to my friends and the picnic.

You can see the concrete dam behind me
A section of the water hole that flows into the river
Standing at the mouth of the gorge

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