Bucket List: Ride a Ferris Wheel

Have you ever forced yourself to do something even though you are scared boneless? I’ve done quite a few things that have made me feel this way, but the most recent was last week when I decided to take a ride in a ferris wheel.

I know this seems like a rather mundane thing to include on someone’s bucket list, but prior to last week this was something I’d never done before and had only seen in movies. The perfect opportunity presented itself to check this item off my list when I went to Adelaide for an extremely last minute visit with family and saw a giant ferris wheel was set up at Glenelg beach. Not being one to pass up an opportunity I purchased a ticket on my second last day in the state.

After I purchased my ticket I joined the queue and waited patiently for my turn. As I got closer and closer to the start of the line my palms started to sweat and my heart rate sped up. I decided that getting on the ferries wheel last was a great idea because that meant I wouldn’t have to spend a long time unmoving and suspended in the air as they loaded the rest of the people on. It would start straight away and it would be fine. So imagine my dismay when I was finally at the start of the line and the guy loading everyone into the baskets stepped back started the ferris wheel on its journey. Great, I’d thought, now I have to spend 10 minutes watching it go around and around as my fear grew and grew. I also came to the realisation that I’d be first on and have to wait while everyone else was loaded in!

My palms continued to sweat and heart continued to pound and a zoo of butterflies decided to take up residence in my stomach. I watched, as still as a statue, as one-by-one people were loaded off the ride. When the guy beckoned me over to the now empty carriage I walked stiff legged and climbed in. I quickly realised as the wheel began to turn so the couple behind me could be loaded in that with only one person in the carriage it sat unevenly so I slowly, slowly crept towards the centre of the carriage and gripped the pole in the middle as tighly as I could, my butt perched *just* on the edge of the seat. I would have probably sat on the floor and wrapped my legs around the pole too if I could have!

As I continued to slowly make my way around the wheel waitng for the other customers to be loaded in the wind picked up and I felt my carriage gently begin to rock. I cannot tell you how grateful I was when the ferris wheel began going around and around in earnest (though I confess I almost climbed out of my carriage before the ride properly began). I spent the first cycle gripping the pole with the strength of a gorilla, counting my breaths and trying to reassure myself that I was just fine and I wasn’t going to fall from the sky. The second cycle was better and by the third I had begun to let go of the pole (only with one hand) and started to look around and admire the scenery.

At the end of the ride, I climbed out of my carriage with shaky legs and a bright smile. Maybe I’ll have to try this activity again someday.   

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