Meet Baxter Jones

Baxter Jones chilling in the garden

I was so gosh darn excited I could hardly sit still in the car as we drove out to the local animal shelter. I was finally going to have a dog. Ever since I moved out of home I have wanted my own dog. Unfortunately, apartments with tiny back yards, no grass, and exposed to the hot desert sun all day are not the best environment for a dog. When I moved into a house with an actual yard I got excited and began planning on a dog. Despite my enthusiasm, it took over a year for me to finally bring a new doggy friend home. Why? I put it down to the fact that the right dog just hadn’t come up yet.

On this particular day we were going to pick up a beautiful black dog called Bennet. His profile said he was about 12 months old and was a big fan of cuddles. We had met him the previous day when we’d decided at the last minute to go and have another look at the shelter where we fell instantly in love with him. He was still very much a puppy but very gentle and quite happy to sit at your feet and keep a look out on the environment around him. We agreed to take him home for a two-week trial but had ultimately already made the decision to keep him. His name changed from Bennet to Baxter largely by a mistake on my behalf and it has just stuck ever since. Jones was added simply because it rhymes with bones, his favourite treat.

Squeeky toys are his favourite
My post Baxter pot plants. If anyone has any tips for how to stop this please share

So far Baxter has dug up the vegetable garden, dug up all of my pot plants, taken it upon himself to kill all the flies, shared a MacDonald’s soft serve, made me laugh every day, changed my daily wake up alarm from 6 am to 5:30 am, and given me so many reasons to smile.

I already love him to the moon and back times infinity and am looking forward to sharing so many adventures with him.  

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