30 Day Challenge: No Soft Drink

Chasing Emma at the Trephina Gorge Ridgetop Walk Lookout

Tomorrow I embark on my first 30 day health challenge. From tomorrow, Thursday November 12th, I am giving up soft drink.

It all started when I watched Matt Cutt’s Ted Talk Try Something New for 30 Days. In this video he talks about how he began adding new things into his life and setting himself the small goal of making a change for 30 days. As he says, “I figured out that if you really want something badly enough, you can do anything for thirty days.”

As you may be aware if you have been reading any of my Monthly Round Up Posts, taking a more assertive role in improving my health and fitness has been a big goal for me. Weight loss is the ultimate goal but I honestly try not to think about it in those terms because it just stresses me out. It’s also a big of a dumb unit of measurement when it comes to assessing your fitness. I mean, I’m overweight but I can still hold a plank for 2 minutes and run 5 kilometres without stopping. But I digress…

I first watched Matt’s TED Talk when I was scanning the internet looking for something inspirational to show my homegroup at school and felt immediately attacked by what he was saying. I’ve tried following a whole range of different health and fitness programs that have run for various lengths of time and I’ve never been successful. I finished watching his video, shut down Youtube and distracted myself with something else. That was about 2 months ago. Since then what he was saying kept popping into my head at random times. What if you tried doing [insert thing] for thirty days? What if you gave [insert thing] a go. It only has to be for thirty days.

These thoughts continued and continued until I found myself sitting at my desk drinking a can of soft drink I have come to realise I don’t even really like and something snapped in me. Why do I continue to drink something that contains absolutely no nutritional or emotional value? Why don’t I just stop drinking it for good? It was the last part of that thought that made me re-watch Matt’s video and decide to make the plunge and set myself a thirty-day challenge. The idea of doing something “for good” sounds too final and scary to me since it has an inbuilt failure mechanism in that “for good” means forever and I just cannot guarantee that I can do that right now.

One thing I am aware of is that in order to be successful, I first need to work out what my motives for drinking soft drink are and how implement strategies to address those. I did some research online regarding “how to quit soft drink” and this is the plan I have created:

MotiviesMy Plan to Address It
When I feel like I need a break while at work, walking across the road to the local shop provides me with a quick and easy eascape. When I feel the need for a break or an escape, rather than walking to the shops, I will walk in the opposite direction. I think my short waks are a healthy habit, the purchase of a soft drink each time less so.
I crave the fizzy feeling of soft drinks.I own a Soda Stream,a s as long as I make sure I make up a bottle of soda water int he moring with a slice of fresh lemon or lime, I’m good.
When I let myself get hungry, getting a soft drink is an easy way to cancel out that feeling. This motive requires two solutions:
First, I will start crttying my water bottle around with me everywhere since sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst.
Second, I’m going to invest in some quick, easy and healthy snacks to keep at my desk that I can easily access when I’m hungry.

I will update this post with my progress at the end of the thirty-days and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will have been successful. To further help ensure this, I will be monitoring my daily progress in the Grow app.

Have you ever given up something for thirty days? What helped you be successful?

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