Bucket List: Wine Tasting at McLaren Vale

Wine Tasting in McLaren Vale Blog cover

Check it off Your Bucket List

Location: McLaren Vale is located about 40km from the Adelaide CBD and is about a 45-minute car ride.

Cost: I would highly recommend booking a tour with Bums on Seats Tours. Their guides are very friendly and can cater to all wine lovers whether you are beginners like we were or experts. With this company bus hire was only $600 which we split between us. A cheaper option would be drive yourself but this means you will need to use the spit buckets and ensure you are not getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

You will also need to pay for tastings at each winery you visit which can range from $10 to $50 per person depending on the type of tasting your opt for. You will also need to budget for any wines you may want to purchase throughout the day.

Need to Bring:

  • Sun protection including a hat and sunglasses
  • A small bag to carry your wine glasses which are often included in the price of admission
  • Money

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