Bucket List: Make Origami + tips and tricks

Bucket List: Make Origami, www.chasing-emma.com

This is probably one of my more unusual bucket list items, but I personally find origami to be a rather amazing and beautiful art, especially if it is done with beautiful paper. As a teacher I’d thought creating origami was going to be a great and easy activity to assign my students one chaotic Friday afternoon, but boy was I wrong. Origami is deceptively difficult.

After being defeated in my origami attempts in front of a class of students whose tiny and nimble fingers were able to fold amazing creations, I with my clumsy fingers and poor hand-eye coordination struggled.

But I wasn’t going to let it beat me…

In order to redeem my honor and pride in front of my students, I spend a couple of hours over a Friday night making creations such as a butterfly, a frog, a dragon and Yoda. While Yoda won my class over, the dragon was definitely the most difficult piece that I made.

bucket list make origami, www.chasing-emma.com
Butterfly, Yoda, Dragon and Turtle

One thing I was interested to learn from this experience was that paper folding is intricately details and that each type of fold that you use when making origami actually has a name! I realise that this makes sense, but for some reason it just hadn’t occurred to me.

Check it off your bucket list

Price: $-$$

It is free if you use scrap paper that you tear or cut into squares

Useful Sites:

PPO – this Youtube channel has a large number of videos teaching you how to make everything from paper cranes to T-rex dinosaurs.

Origami.me – This site provides diagrams and tips and tricks

Origami Instructions – pretty self-explanatory

Tips & Tricks

  • Take your time. Rushing just leads to messing folds which leads to a messy finished product or no product at all!
  • Use square paper. You can find out how to transform a piece of A4 paper into a square here.

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