24 Hours in Prague: What To Do

Old Town Square in Prague Chasing-Emma.com

Prague was one of my favourite stops on my Top Deck Democracy Road tour. There is just something magical about this city. I don’t know if it’s the castle (I mean, all European countries seem to have castles, right?), the amazing Astronomical Clock, or the fact that it doesn’t matter which direction my feet took me in  Old City Square, I was never done exploring. This city caters to the history nerds, the party animals and the beer lovers alike.

I realise that cities, by nature, are large and it can take you days to explore them, but there was just something about Prague that made its way into my heart and stayed there. I only had just over 24 hours to explore this city which is one of the down sides to being on a group tour, but I definitely made sure to make the most of it.

Explore Prague Castle

This is one of the many churches on the castle grounds

I explored a few castles on my trip, but this was the only castle that I looked at that is the official office of a real-life, currently in office president, and the only castle that actually housed the country’s crown jewels. Explains why you had to go through airport-like security to get in. While I didn’t go inside any buildings at the castle, I did wander through the maze-like castle grounds and was in awe at the architecture…and at the number of people, which is unsurprising since it is the most visited tourist site in Prague.

Explore Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague Chasing-Emma.com

The best place to start your exploration of Prague is at the Old Town Square. Everything on this list took place in or around Old Town Square. As I said earlier, Old Town Square is a maze of old styled buildings with adventures and surprises located down every alley and around every corner. The Square leads to Charles Bridge which is home to many art and jewelry vendors. The bridge is also home to many statues of saints and rulers. One such statue features a panel of a knight petting a dog with a lady int eh background. Legend says that if you rub the image of the lady and make a wish it will come true, and if you rub the image of the dog you’ll feel good because all good dog deserve pets.

If looking at old buildings isn’t your thing, within the square you will find heaps of food trucks selling donut ice cream cones, and I promise you they are just as amazing as they sound. I had one filled with Nutella and ice cream and briefly died and went to heaven. True story.

The Astronomical Clock

Prague Astrological Clock on Chasing-Emma.com

The Prague Astronomical Clock, installed in 1410, is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and is the oldest clock still in operation. The clock consists of three main parts: the astronomical dial that informs you of the position of the sun and moon and other astrological happening; a calendar dial that represents the months of the year; and “The Walk of the Apostles.” This is a mini show that takes place hourly and features moving sculptors including a representation of death!

There is a local legend that if the clock is not cared for properly, the city will suffer, and it seems that the people of Prague take this legend seriously seeing as the clock has just been revealed once again after 9 months of restoration and refurbishment.

My recommendation for seeing the clock is to set yourself up in one of the many bars that face the clock and have a cold one while you watch the show. Once the show is finished everyone will disperse and you will be able to get some nice photos.

Central Gallery

Admittedly, visiting an art gallery wasn’t really high on my ‘to do list’ in Prague, but when it rains you make the best of your situation by exploring indoor locations. The gallery is spread over three floors and features works by Salvador Dali, Alfons Mucha and Andy Warhol. The gallery was relatively inexpensive and actually rather interesting.

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Sex Machines Museum

Prostitution shoes at the Sex Machines Museum Chasing-Emma.com
These are replicas of shoes supposedly worn by Greek prostitutes. The pins in the soles of the shoes left a message in the sand saying ‘follow me.’

Don’t judge me, but this was actually a really cool museum. As the only museum in the world dedicated solely to sex machines, you are in for an experience. The museum is spread over three floors and you work your way down from the top, finishing in the cinema which shows seriously old school porn. t was a little strange in the cincema since it seemed to be the place to hang out if you are an old guy, but I didn’t feel unsafe.

I would recommend going with a small group of friends since it’s so much more fun to be able to have a laugh with someone else over all of the strange contraptions you will see. I also recommend taking a seat in the chair right at the entrance that measures how sexy you are in bed, ranging from wild cat to frigid. Whatever measurement you get, it makes for a good laugh.  

John Lennon Wall

Chasing-Emma.com standing in front of the John Lennon Wall, Prague

This is without a doubt, considered to be one of the coolest things to see in Prague, and I whole heartedly agree. The wall originated in the 1980s following the assassination of John Lennon when an unknown artist painted a picture of him on the wall with some of his lyrics about peace and love. At the time, Czechoslovakia was under an oppressive communist rule for decades, and the wall became a symbol of the liberalization movement. In a post-communist Czech Republic, the original portrait is lost beneath layers of new graffiti as the wall is ever evolving and remains a symbol of love and freedom. It is not uncommon to see people adding new graffiti in the form of hearts, lyrics and other symbols.

See Some Strange Statues

This statue is called Piss Chasing-Emma.com
You could actual send a text message to the statues and it would ‘piss out’ the message

While this was my first time visiting Europe, I certainly had a few expectations in mine, namely, that I would see many a statue. And I wasn’t wrong. However, what I wasn’t expecting was to see a statue named Piss or a number of large babies climbing the Television Tower. Both of these art works were created by David Cerny and are just as strange as they sound. If you follow my Instagram you are no doubt aware that the Piss Statue depicts two moving men urinating on a map of the Czech Republic, and that it was created as a form of protest against the government. In regards to the baby statues, I actually don’t know why they were made, but I do know that they have barcodes instead of faces, so make of that what you will.

Medieval Dinner

Prague Medieval Dinner show on Chasing-Emma.com

This is one of the more unique experiences I had in Prague. The Prague Medieval Tavern provides you with a five course ‘medieval’ dinner and entertainment consisting of dancers and themed live music. The pub itself is apparently one of the oldest pubs in Prague so you can’t question the location. The dinner included jugs of beer, standing on your bench seats clapping and dancing, and being wowed by the fire breather.

As someone with coeliac disease this pub was not the easiest to dine at, though what I did eat as pretty good. However, judging by the difficulty faced by the vegans in our groups, if you have any other dietary restrictions you might have a hard time.

Karlovy Lazne

The disco floor in the five story night club in Prague Chasing-Emma.com

After a day of running around the city exploring, it’s time to dress up and hit the city for a night out, and where better to do that than at a 5 story night club? Each floor within the club features a different theme and style of music. Floor 1 features mainstream music and a bar completely manned by ROBOTS! (that was an ironic sentence to write). I kid you not, you can order a robot to mix you a drink. Once you have your robot-mixed drink in hand, you can begin exploring the other floors, progressing up through dance, oldies and hip hop music to end at the chill out zone.

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Unfortunately, as you can tell by the title of this post, I only had a short period of time in this beautiful city.  Have you been to Prague? What did I miss?

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