Bucket List Blogs You Should be Following

The Peak of Mt Gillen from the summit of the mountain.

The idea of a bucket list or a life list has been around for quite some time, so it’s no surprise that all it takes is a quick google search of ‘bucket list ideas’ before you’re inundated with pages of hits. For me, the whole idea of starting a bucket list began when I was in year 12 and I stumbled across a site that listed 101 things to do before you die. I was instantly hooked (though I confess I was at school when I did this and not remotely interested in doing my work, so no surprises there). It was a fun list which included things like go sky diving and blow a kiss at a biker.

A view of the Mt Gillen Ranges as a title: Bucket List Blogs you Should Follow

Once I finished school I didn’t look at my bucket list again until a couple of years later when I found it in a box of old books and papers and a passion was ignited. Since then I’ve found a number of sites and blogs where people are sharing their bucket lists and achievements. The only problem with this is, much like travel blogs, the World Wide Web is inundated with blogs and sites promoting bucket list experiences (including this one), so it can be hard to find blogs and sites that offer good quality content and unique perspectives on life.  I love reading about people’s bucket lists and I love getting new ideas and learning about people’s experiences. So to save you some of the research time, I’ve compiled a list of bucket list bloggers that continue to inspire me today.

Bucket List Journey

Annette White sourced from her website Bucket List Journey
Annette White sourced from her website Bucket List Journey

This is actually one of the first bucket list blogs that I discovered, and to this day remains one of my favourites. Annette White has been kicking bucket list butt since before 2010 so she’s one of the originals. Her blog features a list of over 1000 bucket list worthy ideas, plus a collection of themed bucket lists she’s created over the years. Her blog also offers solid advice on how to achieve your bucket list goals.

What I love about Annette’s blog is that doesn’t appear to be as interested in capturing the perfect Instagram worthy shot as other social influencers appear to be. She seems more authentic and genuine in her approach, possibly because she’s been doing it for a long time.

A lot of Annette’s blog features amazing meals and beverages that you should definitely try before you die, so if you’re looking for a foodie’s perspective as well as travel and adventure, this is the perfect blog for you.

Some of my favourite posts include:

Piranha Fishing in the Rainforest Rivers of Guyana

Eat at a Themes Restaurant in Tokyo

Eat a Bug Sundae at Portland’s Freakybuttrue Peculiarium

Crazy Dream Girl

Christina has been blogging about her bucket list since 2015, and unlike me, has restricted her bucket list to 220 items. She is always on the lookout for bucket list experiences in places where you least expect them.

I really enjoy reading her posts. They’re short, sweet and fun and are always so welcoming. She is a huge Alice Cooper friend so I really enjoyed seeing her cross off two items on her list relating to him just last year.

Some of my favourite posts include

Purple Hair Dye Adventure

#147 Go Paddle Boarding

My Life’s a Movie

Alyssa Ramos from her site My Life's a Movie
Alyssa Ramos from her site My Life’s a Movie

Ok, so this one isn’t strictly a bucket list blog, but it is one of the first blogs that I discovered four years ago which has inspired me to hike the Inca Trail (it’s going to happen, I swear!) and inspired me to actually visit Egypt in 2018 which was a HUGE bucket list item for me.  Having said that, Alyssa Ramos does have a bucket list of sorts, even if she didn’t realise she had one when she first started travelling.

I really appreciate that her voice is easily recognizable through her writing and she is a symbol for girl power and ‘back of the head selfies’. While I’m not as enamored with her blog as I used to be as her style has changed over the years (which, let’s face it, happens), I still find her posts on Peru, Egypt and New Zealand to be just as inspiring of wanderlust as they were to me when I first read them.

Some of my favourite posts include:

Killing it on Kilimanjaro — My Experience Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

What Really Happens When an LA Girl Hikes the Inca Trail

5 Epic Ways to Chase Victoria Falls

Life Listed

Danny Drover from the Blog Life Listed after spending 30 days alone in the wilderness
Danny Drover from the blog Life Listed after spending 30 days alone in the wilderness.

Danny Drover had a bucket list…and he set a deadline to complete everything on it. In fact, he was so committed to completing everything on his bucket list by May 25 2017, that he tattooed the date to his butt.

Danny’s list consists of over 150 items, all of which he’s completed, with a focus and determination that sometimes terrifies me. Unfortunately I only discovered his blog in early 2017, so I didn’t get to witness the entire journey, I only got to read his last couple of blogs about his bucket list. Danny is such an overachiever, but he is certainly inspiring, and his list is pretty awesome.

Some of my favourite posts include:

Today My Life List Comes to an End

 Diving in a Submarine

Astronaut Training: My Coolest Experience Yet

What bucket list blogs do you follow? Share them below, even if it’s your own 🙂

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  1. Who needs bucket lists? What is their purpose? Do they improve the quality of life? What about climate change, has it been taken into account? Questions …

    Happy new week!

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