Take a 6 Week Yoga Course

Some of the items I found in my goodie bag - tea, candles, incense, yoga fact book, yoga timetable.

Straight up, I’m not a yogi. I’m actually so far from a yogi I might as well be a stiff board. The thing is though, I actually wish I was. I always see these fabulous instagram photos of lean, flexible girls with complete balance in their lives and I’m kinda jealous. I wish I was even just a little flexible and possessed even 1 tenth of their co-ordination. 

I have actually tried yoga a couple of times before with no success. When I’ve tried it I’ve found myself getting frustrated that I can’t clear my mind or that I can’t hold the pose properly. Despite this, I still really want to at least ‘get’ yoga and understand why so many people love it. So when my friend asked me to sign up for a 6 week beginners yoga course with her, I jumped at the opportunity.

Here’s what happened.

Some of the items I found in my goodie bag - tea, candles, incense, yoga fact book, yoga timetable.
Goodie bag haul

Week 1: Connection

This was one of the best yoga sessions I’ve ever been to. Mid, our teacher, was so calm and gentle, and explained what yoga was and how it ‘worked.’ I previously said that I don’t really get yoga, but I feel like under her guidance this will change. 

I liked that she expects us to practice yoga and meditation throughout the week and encourages this by sending us yoga videos she has made. 

One thing though, I was crazy sore after this session in my hip-flexors. I didn’t think I was crazy unfit but maybe I am…

Week 2: Strength and Stability

This will forever become know as the week I mastered the Warrior poses. This week was a bit more full on than previous weeks, but I enjoyed it none the less because it felt a little bit more like what ‘yoga’ is supposed to be. If last week was finding your inner connections, this week was when we tried to implement that into practice.

Unfortunately I only completed one of her online sessions in the lead up to this week, but I’ve decided not to beat myself up too much about that.

Week 3: Trust

This week was all about learning to trust my strength and stability through exploration of inversions. Inversions are poses where your head ends up below your heart. These are supposed to be great at invigorating and energising you when you feel a bit flat.

I think there is something behind this statement. I came into the class not feeling great since I’d had a tough week at work, and I didn’t think I was really in the head space for yoga, but this turned out to be great. The inversions that we practiced weren’t exotic by any means, but it provided me with a nice introduction.

Week 4: Fluidity/Expansion/Space

This week we got to do some poses that I have actually head the names of, does Cobra Pose ring a bell for anyone?

I really enjoyed this session and had a lot of fun playing with various yoga props like blocks and balls, though I felt super sleepy by the end of the class. This was probably promoted by both my practice and the fact that it was raining the whole time.

Week 5: Grace

Week five is another one of those weeks that get’s granted with a special name: the week that Emma learnt how to do the Downward Dog pose properly with minimal pain in her wrists. I have often heard yoga instructors claim that the Downward Dog pose is a “restorative and relaxing pose” and I’ve called BS on that since forever. I now think I’m starting to understand what all of the yoga instructors I’ve had have meant by this statement. I found some inner balance and peace while in this pose last night. I positioned my hands and distributed my weight over the entirety of my hands just rights and felt myself just…relax into the pose.

I think after tonight’s session I’m finally starting to ‘get’ yoga. I think it is something I want to further explore for my physical and mental health next year, but let’s not get ahead of myself since I still have one more week to go!

Week 6: Luminosity

Straight up, I didn’t make it to this final session where my instructor planned to bring everything we’ve explored over the past 5 weeks together. Unfortunately a heartbreaking death, 72 hours with no sleep, and countless hours spent comforting my students and their families just didn’t make a prepared yogi.

I still think this is something I want to continue exploring into 2019, but last night was not the time to start that journey.

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