Party up in an Ice Bar

Ice bar chandelier

During my short stay in Queenstown I had the opportunity to stop by Below Zero ice bar for a quick drink (or two). I can now say with all authority that visiting an ice bar is the coolest thing ever.

Ice bar chandelier

When you arrive you are provided with some gloves with little rubber dots on them to provide you with some grip, a large, warm coat with a hood or beanie, and some ugg boots. Stupidly I decided to forgo the ugg boots and by the end of my half hour visit my toes were frozen to the point of being painful.
Inside the bar everything is made of ice (duh!), and I do mean everything; from the furniture, to the fuse ball table, right down to the shot glasses. I did however find the fire place made completely from ice with ice wood logs and ice flames to be a little ironic and fun.
Standing in front of the ice carved swan
That’s an ice swan behind me
Aside from drinking from ice cups and listening to pun-a-lishous music (‘ice, ice baby’ anyone?) I spent a large amount of time playing in the camera booth taking silly photos, all of which I was able to get a copy of.
Have you been to an ice bar before, or is it on your bucket list?

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